Colorful Lights

Figma, Illustrator, Canva, and Procreate

Dome Pizzeria

Project Background

A local pizzeria needed some digital designs to use in different places in order to showcase its ethos to "innovate and evolve".

Creative Process

The pizzeria was not rigid on only using brand colors for the designs, so I had free rein to let my creativity flow. I designed a menu for each month in different styles, gift card and thank you card to give out to loyal customers, and quirky stickers as collectibles for customers.

Final Results

All these designs were used online and offline in order to connect better with the customers - a fun & creative way of marketing ;)

Jersey Design

Project Background

Something that started off as a passion project on a Sunday afternoon turned into something bigger! Without much experience in designing a jersey, I agreed to help out my ultimate frisbee club in making a new jersey for the season. Soon after, other clubs from the country reached out and more designing continued.

Creative Process

I started off with a brief call with the captains or owners of the team quizzing them on what specific design if any, they had in mind. That gave a good starting point to make a vision board with colors, past references, fonts, styles, layout, etc. After which, I designed a few handfuls of options as mockups and presented them to the captain/owner. A final design was selected and then turned into a layout suitable for the printing company! Voila, just like that a tangible product that screams the spirit of a team, their trademark, is created!

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