Colorful Lights

Content planning, ideation, shooting, editing, designing, grid planning, post scheduling, copywriting, hashtags, paid advertisements, and SEOs!

Desserts & More


Project Background

A local dessert shop had enough mass media presence but was lacking a front on the social media end. Their initial brief was simple and straightforward - have an Instagram that is aesthetic and engaging in order to gain more in-person and takeaway orders.

Creative Process

My deliverables were as follows:

  • Create an on-brand Instagram profile - display picture, bio, story highlights, location, and contact information.

  • Setup a monthly content calendar including plans for shoot and posting schedule.

  • Shoot high-quality images and videos to post on stories and feed.

  • Edit photos using Lightroom and videos using Final Cut Pro.

  • Copywriting captions for feed posts and stories along with curated hashtags to reach the target audience.

  • Engage the followers by hosting polls, Q&As, and user-generated content.

  • Brainstorm on offline events to increase footfall for the store.

Final Results

// Overall 196% more accounts were engaged in a month, including paid ads and promotions, contributing to a 5% increase in followers in 30 days.

// The dessert shop had two consecutive highest record sales for 2 months after taking up the Instagram profile

Compilation of a few Instagram Reels!

Dome Pizzeria


Project Background

The majority of food places in the city used heavy mass media advertising - using billboards, newspaper flyers, and radio advertisements. A local pizzeria chose social media marketing as the only form of formal marketing channel, so I had to build a brand image from the ground up in order to gain followers AND customers that will come into the restaurant to eat!

Creative Process

Storytelling as a way of marketing was unheard of in the city and the restaurant industry, I wanted to showcase through the profile the young and innovative energy of the people working in this maverick restaurant.

Final Results

The brand became a pioneer in setting the scene for "organic marketing" in the city - a new way of marketing for upcoming brands!

The pizzeria set record sales for takeaway service only months after opening, and rapidly gained 1K followers in the first 30 days!

"Meet Us"

Brand as a persona can only be justified with clear storytelling and to accomplish that goal I launched a small series of "meet us" posts where the customers of the restaurant get to know a little more about the people that serve them delicious food! 


Copywriting these blurbs was a fun process where I got to interview the staff, from cleaners to head chef, and gain an insight into their "why"!

She United

she united.png

Project Background

My football club needed an online presence in order to build a community around women in sports and fitness across the nation.

Creative Process

Start off as an official football club page to notify and inform current players about practices and tournaments. Then, after gaining substantial recruits pivoting to building a bigger community.



Project Background

An ultimate frisbee club needed an online presence in order to build a community around ultimate frisbee as a sport and fitness across the nation.

Creative Process

Having fun with the whole process was my directive from the beginning. More than selling this sport on a technical basis I realized the best way to entice an Indian youth audience is to sell the informal and fun nature of the game!

Final Results

An online personification of the club's spirit was created and 15 new recruits were gained in a single practice session!

Created a viral reel that reached 11k total views in 10 days!

Compilation of a few Instagram Reels!