Colorful Lights

About Me

As a creative and curious person, I have always been connected with media in some way or another - be it attempting to start a YouTube channel in 2015 or volunteering for photography and videography for all school events, or more recently delving deeper into social media marketing as a co-founder of a small marketing agency along with my brother. 

My strongest suit is managing social media accounts for businesses that focus on building an online community that lasts in the offline world. Because of my versatility, I have helped brands ideate, plan, create (shooting, editing, designing), copywrite, post, and manage analytics.

Pranjal Bhansali

Everything Creative...

My friends would describe me as an energetic, balanced, and curious leader. Ever since middle school I’ve always had a knack for all things creative - from covering marketing for all school events to starting my own small marketing agency and taking up clients. I have always been involved in this industry in one way or another. Given my strong background in working with niche brands on their social media, I am proactive and creative, I work well in teams, organized systems, and a fast-paced environment. I have worked on everything under the digital marketing umbrella - content shooting, editing, posting, designing, SEOs, KPIs, data analysis, and editorial/content planning in my past roles. 

I always take up roles that I feel fulfilled by, something that either helps me grow or where I help stakeholders outside. I have always been taught at home to never stop learning and always growing. In addition, my strong culture also inculcates a big sense of giving and making an impact in the world in any way possible. It is embedded in my nature to make my surroundings a place with high energy and positivity so I always make sure people around me, including my colleagues, are comfortable and enjoying themselves. I love listening to people’s stories and understanding their strong backgrounds so I’m always the one sparking conversations and breaking the ice.

Pranjal Bhansali